ADRL Removes Turbos from Pro Nitrous

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O’FALLON, MO (Sep. 19, 2008) — The Flowmaster American Drag Racing League (ADRL) presented by the National Guard announced Sep. 19, that effective immediately, turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged engines will no longer be permitted to compete in its Pro Nitrous category.


The rule change was already planned for the season-ending 4th annual LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals Oct. 24-25, at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas, ADRL Vice President of Competition Bubba Corzine said. However, when Pennsylvania racer Andy Jensen twice covered the eighth mile in a record-setting 3.87 seconds with his turbocharged 1968 Camaro during the ADRL’s Hushpower Dragstock V at Rockingham (NC) Dragway this past weekend, he felt an announcement had to come as soon as possible.


“The timing of this rule change is unique in that regardless of Andy Jensen’s performance at Dragstock V—which was awesome, by the way, and we congratulate him on his achievements—our intention for 2009 was to return the Pro Nitrous class to an all-nitrous class anyway. Our points chase for the 2009 Battle for the Belts actually starts on Saturday at the last race this year, so the change was coming, regardless.”


Corzine stressed, however, that Jensen’s record time will remain as the Pro Nitrous standard since he set it while racing within ADRL rules for the class.


“Looking back, we probably shouldn’t have allowed turbochargers and centrifugal superchargers into Pro Nitrous to begin with. By the very name of the class, Pro Nitrous was created so the nitrous cars didn’t have to compete against the blown cars,” Corzine continued.


“However, at the time in an effort to grow the class while at the same time giving a well-deserving and dedicated group of racers a place to race, we allowed them in, always with the thought that when they went quick enough and fast enough we would switch them over to Pro Extreme. We’re on record as having said that from the beginning and Andy’s proven beyond any doubt that a turbo car can run Pro Extreme numbers, so that’s where they’ll have to go now.”


“We certainly hope the turbo and centrifugal supercharger guys continue to compete with the ADRL, knowing they can now go as quick and as fast as possible without concern,” Corzine added. “They are now racing in Pro Extreme, where just about the only limitation is the finish line 660 feet down the track.”



Nescopeck, PA’s Andy Jensen secured the ADRL Pro Nitrous elapsed time record Sep. 13, with a 3.873-seconds pass at 191.59 mph in his single-turbocharged, 427-equipped ’68 Camaro during eliminations for the ADRL’s Hushpower Dragstock V at Rockingham (NC) Dragway.    




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Based in O’Fallon, Missouri, the American Drag Racing League is the nation’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the ADRL are Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous, and Pro Extreme, the quickest doorslammer class in all of drag racing. The 2008 Flowmaster ADRL series presented by the National Guard consists of nine national events run throughout the United States. For more information on the ADRL, visit


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