Load up your car and bring the crew, Texas Motorplex is waiting for you!

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Load up your car and bring the crew, Texas Motorplex is waiting for you!

 This weekend, racers from all over the area will load in the pits at 8am for 3 qualifying runs in an attempt to make the cut for PINKS All Out on March 20-21. The 30 most consistent racers will be announced at the end of the qualifying event this weekend. Texas Motorplex will also invite 6 additional racers to compete at PINKS All Out by luck of the draw. “We will be drawing 6 random tech cards from the 2nd chance qualifier this weekend. We understand that racers have bad days too, but we still want to extend the offer to 6 racers to come out to compete at PINKS All Out. We originally were only going to be able to draw 2 WILD CARDS from each qualifier, but we wanted to be able to reach out to 4 more racers,” says Ashley Kellough. Entry fee is $30 for PINKS hopefuls.  Other cars may test & Tune for $15 per car; spectator and crew admission is $10.

In the event that wind speeds increase as predicted, there is a possibility that we will be contesting the event on the eighth mile. We will still invite the 30 most consistent racers, as well as 6 additional WILD CARDS drawn at random to participate in our PINKS All Out event March 21st. We will make the final call on the quarter mile or eighth mile on Saturday morning.

Come out to the Texas Motorplex to compete against some of the best racers around! Texas Motorplex will be holding the final 2nd chance qualifier next weekend on March 14. If you are not able to attend this weekends event or do not make the cut, come out March 14 for your final chance. “Texas Motorplex looks forward to seeing everyone this Saturday. We wish everyone the best of luck and encourage everyone to HAVE FUN!” states Kellough.


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