With T-shirt Weather Arriving in Texas

pokertshirt2With T shirt weather arriving in Texas, the Texas Motorplex has a one of a kind shirt for the drag race fan. The best hand in poker is four aces, and the best hand in Texas is this event shirt from the NHRA O’Reilly Super Start Batteries Fall Nationals, presented by Castrol Syntec, on September 24-27.

Available only to those who purchase tickets now for this action packed weekend, you can capture great seats and tell the world that you have them.

Just like on late night infomercials, this shirt is “not available in stores, but if you act now, it can be yours.” Operators are standing by, so just call the Texas Motorplex at 1-800-668-6775, or visit our web site at www.texasmotorplex.com to order tickets and receive your FREE shirt. Seats are available at the starting line or the finish line for Pro qualifying Friday and Saturday, and final eliminations Sunday as part of the NHRA Full Throttle Countdown to the Championship.


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For event information or tickets please call 972-878-2641
or 1-800-MOTORPLEX (1-800-668-6775)