Chance For First World Championship Driving Hungry Hernandez

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Joshua Hernandez finished first in the points standings in Pro Extreme, accomplishing half of his goals for the 2010 season in the American Drag Racing League (ADRL).  Throughout his highlight-filled career, the second part has always been a little harder to come by.  Hernandez has plenty of wins in his career and plenty of success, but one thing has always eluded him – a world championship.  Hernandez will get his next chance soon, when he competes at the Speedtech “Battle For The Belts” at the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI in Ennis, TX.

It’s clear that one of the longtime class favorites is ready to end his drought.  “For me, it all comes down to I’ve raced in different leagues and set records and won. But I’ve always been the bridesmaids in the ADRL,” Hernandez said. “That’s always been frustrating.  We need that cherry on top. It’s an important deal.”  Hernandez finished second a year ago, the second time in his illustrious career that has happened. 

He recalled his first runner-up finish as an example of what is capable of happening at the “Battle For The Belts.”  Bubba Stanton wasn’t even qualified in the top eight in 2006, but jumped into the field as an alternate and met up with Hernandez in the final.  Hernandez laughed at the memory and the nonchalant approach both took into the final, but it was Stanton who got the final celebration.  “We were joking around in the staging lanes before the race and then he just edged me out,” Hernandez said.

The world championship has clearly driven Hernandez every year, and this may be one of his best chances.  The first-round bye as the top finisher in the points standings clearly helps but the Texas native doesn’t think any extra pressure comes with it, mostly because it’s already there to begin with.  “I don’t ever walk in not feeling there’s a target on my back,” said the PX points leader. “We’re all out there to do the same thing and that’s win the race.  “Being in the No. 1 seed, there’s at least a little comfort there where you get one pass before the race. Having that bye, it’s a little comforting, but there’s still six hungry competitors trying to take me out.” 

Hernandez is not really concerned about numbers – he simply wants results.  That may sound as if Hernandez is putting even more pressure on himself, but that seems to be where he thrives.  Hernandez has never tried to hide when the spotlight comes and, often times, it’s led to his best performances.  He went on a strong run after getting a major sponsorship deal with Fight Me MMA in May, advancing to the finals in the very first race before losing to KH Al-Thani. 

A month later, Hernandez broke through with a dominant performance at the Summer Drags in Michigan, beating Alex Hossler, who finished No. 2 in points, in the finals.  Hernandez also won at his hometown track, Houston Raceway Park, earlier this year, performing incredibly well in front of a big group of family and friends.   A huge number greeted him in the pits after his semifinal win against Al-Thani and he celebrated his second win of the season later that night.  A mini-slump made for a difficult time in St. Louis, but Hernandez got back on track with a finals appearance at Dragstock VII.

Now, Hernandez will be zoned in that much more at Texas Motorplex.  “You have to be that much more focused for this,” Hernandez said. “It’s a little bit different from other leagues. This definitely brings the excitement and challenge down to the last race.  “It all comes down to two rounds. You have to be that much more focused.  It’s zero mistake time. You have to get it together.”  If Hernandez does, he could be lifting the world title belt over his head for the first time.  “That’s the plan,” Hernandez said.



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ENNIS, Texas (October 10, 2010) – Thunder Valley Raceway Park dominated the team competition to take home the championship for the NHRA South Central Division Summit Racing Series at Texas Motorplex while Jeff Hefler scored a double taking home the trophies in both the No Electronics-Street and in the No Electronics-Quick category.  Thunder Valley Raceway Park, Noble, Okla., racked up 76 points for the Team Championship followed by North Star Dragway and Texas Raceway in second and third respectively.

Hefler, out of Fort Worth, Texas and racing for Wichita Raceway Park, held off fellow Texas racer Jamie Haines Deer Park, Texas, in the No Electronics-Street class running 12.118 seconds at 104.95 mph to Haines’ run of 12.036, 111.33 then went on to face off with Mike Griggs, Tuttle, Okla., in the final of No Electronics-Quick.  Hefler clocked in at 9.790 seconds at 129.58 mph to beat Griggs running 10.404, 120.19 in his ’68 Camaro.  Hefler drove matching ’67 Novas for his pair of wins.

In the Super Pro class it was Sandra Marshall, Newella, Okla., leading the team from Thunder Valley Raceway Park and taking the trophy in her ’99 dragster.  Marshall went 7.860 at 171.51 in defeating Chad Hankins, Winnsboro, Texas, at 8.606, 151.46.

Brad Young and Tony Davis rounded out the day’s winners making their way to the winner’s circle.  Young, Burleson, Texas (Texas Raceway), won in Pro over Joe Gitthens driving his ‘67 Chevy II to a lap of 10.725 seconds on a 10.72 dial at 132.02 mph to Gitthens’ 10.756, 120.93 loosing effort.  Houston resident, Davis, went 9.135 seconds on his ’86 Suzuki in ousting William Keel, San Antonio, Texas.  Keele, recorded a pass of 9.256, 138.22 mph on his ’82 Kawasaki.

Sunday’s winners will advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championship next month in Pomona, Calif., at the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals.

The following are Sunday’s final results from the NHRA Summit Racing Series Finals at Texas Motorplex:

Sandra Marshall, Newella, Okla., ’99 dragster, 7.860 seconds, 171.51 def. Chad Hankins, Winnsboro, Texas, ’66 Chevy II, 8.606, 151.46

Brad Young Burleson, Texas, ’67 Chevy, 10.725, 132.02 def. Joe Gitthens, Edmond, Okla., ’94 Camaro, 10.756, 120.93

Jeff Hefler, Fort Worth, Texas, ’67 Nova, 9.790, 129.58 def. Mike Griggs, Tuttle, Okla., ’68 Camaro, 10.404, 120.19

Jeff Hefler, Fort Worth, Texas, ’67 Nova, 12.118, 104.94 def. Jamie Haines, Deer Park, Texas, ’99 Camaro, 12.036, 111.33

Tony Davis, Houston, ’86 Suzuki, 9.135, 132.87 def. William Keele, San Antonio, Texas, ’82 Kawasaki, 9.256, 138.22

Thunder Valley Raceway Park      76
North Star Dragway                           60
Texas Raceway                                    54
Wichita Raceway Park                      51
Houston Raceway Park                    50
Texas Motorplex                                 43
Paris Dragstrip                                     27
Edinburg Int’l Raceway                    20
Hobbs Motorsports Park                 19
Tulsa Raceway Park                           17
No Problem Raceway                        15
Lubbock Dragway                               9
Rosewell Raceway Park                     2


ENNIS, Texas (October 9, 2010) – Jeremy Maples led Saturday’s Race of Champions winner’s taking home the trophy in the Electronics class for the NHRA South Central Division Summit Racing Series Finals at Texas Raceway.

Maples drove his ’04 dragster past Jordan Echols, Plano, Texas, with a 7,129 second lap at 186.41 mph. Echols crossed the finish line at 132.67 mph in his ’67 Camaro.

In the No Electronics class, Jacob Pitt came away with the win over Rick Hudel.  Pitt, Manfield, Texas, went 10.254 seconds at 103.04 mph with his ’72 Challenger while Huydel, San Angelo, Texas, left early with a red light start handing the win to Pitt.

Cameron Fulfer, Weatherford, Texas, took the honors in the High School class and Tyler Horne, Valley View, Texas, won the Super Muscle category.  Fulfer clocked in at 13.040 seconds, 89.11 mph to beat JD McNeal, Paris, Texas, with the quicker loosing time of 12.785, 105.52.  Horne held off Robert Broom, Keller, Texas, in his ’67 Mustang running 13.229, 98.59 to Broom’s 13.143, 98.94.

Racing continues on Sunday with eliminations in all classes for the South Central Division Summit Racing Series.  Sunday’s winners will advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championship next month in Pomona, Calif., at the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals.

The following are Saturday’s Race of Champions final results from the NHRA Summit Racing Series Finals at Texas Motorplex:

Jeremy Maples, ’04 dragster, 7.129, 186.41 def.
Jordan Echols, Plano, Texas, ’67 Camaro, 10.559, 132.67

Jacob Pitt, Manfield, Texas, ’72 Challenger, 10.254, 103.03 def.
Rick Hudel, San Angelo, Texas, ’69 dragster, 9.384, 152.04

Cameron Fulfer, Weatherford, Texas, ’68 Camaro, 13.040, 89.11 def.
JD McNeal, Paris, Texas, ’02
F-250, 12.785, 105.52

Tyler Horne, Valley View, Texas, ’67 Mustang, 13.229, 98.59 def.
Robert Broom, Keller, Texas, 13.143, 98.94


Back In Black: Stott Ready For World Finals

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The last time Quain Stott was seen in his purple and white LeeBoy Pro Extreme car, it was straddled up next to the wall at the top end of Rockingham Dragway.   Stott took full blame for the crash that seemingly ended his weekend at Dragstock VII, which stung even more considering Rockingham is Stott’s hometown track in the ADRL.  The torn up purple and white PX car was unable to run during eliminations, but the rain saved Stott, as the weather postponed the completion of the event to last weekend at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH.
Stott was given another chance to race at Dragstock, but only if the repairs on his car were completed.  There wasn’t much time to spare, either, as only two weeks separated the ADRL date in Rockingham and the Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV.

“I took the car to Tommy Mauney as soon as we got home and he worked hard at his shop to get it fixed so it could go to the paint shop and be able to make the trip,” Stott said. “It took a lot of people to get the car repaired – my crew guys Dee Bragg and Greg Waldrop, and my buddies around home Calvin Rickman, and Zeke Wyatt, also came to the shop and helped get the car ready.

“I must also thank Randall Gilliam and Jeff Fowler for getting the car painted so quickly.”

Having qualified in the 12th spot for Rockingham, Stott showed up with a different paint job in Norwalk, sporting an all-black look with the white LeeBoy logo on his standout Pro Extreme car. 

Paint jobs aside, Stott knew he had work to do.

He came into the weekend seventh in points, teetering on the edge of losing his spot in the Speedtech “Battle For The Belts,” which will be contested at the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI in three weeks at Texas Motorplex.  But Stott came to Norwalk with a new look on his PX car and a zoned-in mindset with it.   “I knew that with the quality of racers in the Pro Extreme field I would need to have a good event to stay in the top eight,” said Stott, who was unable to race at Martin in June earlier this year.  “I wish I could have attended all 10 races but prior commitments kept me out of the Michigan event. I am quite proud to be one of the top eight to have missed a race and still be in the field.”

Stott stayed in the field with two consistent days of racing in Norwalk, even if it wasn’t flashy and even if it didn’t lead to any wins.  Stott did run a career-best 3.69 in the first round of eliminations for Dragstock, but came during a hard-luck holeshot loss to KH Al-Thani in an incredible drag race.  He did get some good news with the superb time, as it qualified him at No. 5 for the Ohio Drags the next day. Stott came through big and saved his spot in the “Battle For The Belts” by winning his first-round race before falling to Todd Tutterow.  “We had a great car and it was enough to keep us in the ‘Battle of the Belts.’ In the big picture, we are chasing the championship,” Stott said. “When you look at the list from No. 9-16 in Pro Extreme, it’s full of names that should have been in the top eight, and I feel fortunate to have made the field for the championship.”  Now that the spot is clinched, Stott has focused his attention on a world title. It doesn’t start easy, though, as he races No. 8 qualifier Jason Scruggs to get into the field and earn a matchup with No. 2 qualifier Alex Hossler.  But the 3.69 he ran in Norwalk does give him some reassurance that he can be a threat.  “Going into the Dallas event we feel confident that we have a good chance to win the World Finals,” Stott said.  Even if there is a chance it might be done without his trademark purple.


Speedtech Battle For The Belts Matchups Announced For LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI

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O’FALLON, MO (September 30, 2010) – The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) has released the matchups in all six classes for the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI and the prestigious Speedtech “Battle For The Belts.” 

The innovative, eight-spot elimination tournament to determine a world champion in every ADRL class (Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme Pro Stock and Pro Junior Dragster) takes place on Oct. 22-23 at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.

ADRL drivers earned points during the 2010 ADRL Tour for their racing performance, record-breaking runs and event participation. Only the top eight drivers in each class advanced and last weekend’s double-race (Dragstock VII and the Ohio Drags IV) at Summit Motorsports Park was the final opportunity to earn a spot into the field.  The points leader in each class also receives a first-round bye.

The following is a list of the top eight qualifiers in each class and how the first-round matchups will stack up at Texas Motorplex next month.

No. 7 Qualifier Quain Stott will race No. 8 Qualifier Jason Scruggs to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Josh Hernandez (pictured) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – Alex Hossler will face the winner of Stott and Scruggs
No. 3 – Frankie Taylor will face No. 6 Qualifier Gaylen Smith
No. 4 – KH Al-Thani will face No. 5 Qualifier Todd Tutterow

Notes: Todd Tutterow made the biggest jump last weekend, moving up three spots after winning Dragstock VII and advancing to the semifinals of the Ohio Drags IV.

No. 7 Qualifier Stan Allen will race No. 8 Qualifier Steven Vick to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Rickie Smith (pictured, top) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – Jim Halsey will face the winner of Allen and Vick
No. 3 – Shannon Jenkins will face No. 6 Qualifier Charles Carpenter
No. 4 – Burton Auxier will face No. 5 Qualifier Randy Weatherford

Notes: This lineup changed several times over the weekend at Summit Motorsports Park. Allen and Vick both jumped into the top eight after productive days at Dragstock VII.

No. 7 Qualifier Kenny Doak will race No. 8 Qualifier Dan Millen to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Gary White (pictured) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – Billy Glidden will face the winner of Doak and Millen
No. 3 – Spiro Pappas will face No. 6 Qualifier Chuck Ulsch
No. 4 – Jeff Naiser will face No. 5 Qualifier Todd Moyer

Notes: Millen jumped into the field after advancing to the finals of the Ohio Drags IV, while Pappas jumped into the third spot after winning Dragstock VII.

No. 7 Qualifier Lance Hines will race No. 8 Qualifier Charlie Prophit to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Ashley Owens (pictured, bottom) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – Terry Schweigert will face the winner of Hines and Prophit
No. 3 – Kim Morrell will face No. 6 Qualifier Ronald Procopio
No. 4 – Travis Davis will face No. 5 Qualifier Eric McKinney

Notes: Prophit slipped into the field after a good weekend at Summit Motorsports Park, while Morrell moved to the third position after going to the Dragstock VII finals.

No. 7 Qualifier Jeff Dobbins will race No. 8 Qualifier Elijah Morton to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Cary Goforth (pictured) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – John Montecalvo will face the winner of Dobbins and Morton
No. 3 – Brian Gahm will face No. 6 Qualifier Cale Aronson
No. 4 – Pete Berner will face No. 5 Qualifier Bob Bertsch

Notes: Dobbins jumped back into the field after running well at the Ohio Drags, while Aronson moved up several spots after advancing to the finals at Dragstock. Berner also climbed four spots over the weekend.

No. 7 Qualifier Tia Tutterow will race No. 8 Qualifier Ty Tutterow (in a sibling vs. sibling matchup) to earn a spot in the field.

No. 1 – Morgan Benfield (pictured) finished atop the points standings and will receive a first-round bye
No. 2 – Timmy Clifton will face the winner of Tia and Ty Tutterow
No. 3 – Tyler Allen will face No. 6 Qualifier Alexander Oppen
No. 4 – Kendall Thiesse will face No. 5 Qualifier K.J. Nowling

Notes: Benfield jumped to No. 1 after winning the Ohio Drags, while Ty Tutterow moved into the top eight after winning Dragstock.

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)


Tracks from Division 4 will compete at Texas Motorplex 2010 Summit Racing Series E.T. Bracket Finals

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Tracks from NHRA Division 4 will coverge at the Texas Motorplex this weekend for the 2010 Summit Racing Series E.T. Bracket Finals. Rigs will begin parking at noon on Thursday, October 7th.   At 9am on Friday, racers will begin their time trial sessions. On Friday night, racers will participate in the Team Spirit Competition which features a 60ft Golf Cart Race, Hot Dog Eating Contest, Reaction Time Race, and several other fun events! Saturday’s time trial action will kick off at 9am, and a scheduled 1pm High School Race, Managers Race, and Race Of Champions will begin. Saturday afternoon we will begin 1st round of Eliminations, followed by a cookout.  Sunday morning eliminations will continue at 9am.

Spectator Pricing:
Weekend:  $40 

Friday (10/8)  $10
Saturday (10/9)  $20
Sunday (10/10)  $20

Children ages 12 & under are free.


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