Kenny Youngblood: If I Were King

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The “problem” at Indy, or more accurately, the “HIGHT-light” of an otherwise mundane season, was the direct result of a moronic and “un-en-FORCE-able” rule in place to begin with (puns intended).

If I were King, there would be NO RULE against “team orders” or “intentionally” manipulating the outcome of a race. There would be no such rule because to make one is nothing more than foolishly attempting to bend the following un-bendable, “natural laws”:

1. You can’t legislate morality.

Whether laying down for a teammate is “right” or “wrong” is, at best, arguable.

This King’s position is that it is not only “right” to do so, but to do anything else is stupid and self defeating. In baseball it’s called a “Sacrifice Play”; in billiards, it’s called a “Safety”, and its all part of the game. Is the ball player who bunts actually “cheating”, or doing what’s in the best interest of the team?

And, what would have been accomplished had he taken out his teammate? It would have accomplished nothing, except letting his sponsors and fans down by preventing his teammate from getting to “second base”, and having a shot at the championship.

How smart was it, in a previous season, when a racer who was not in contention at all, took out his own teammate; a teammate who could very possibly have won the championship? Did that racer get an ovation for “doing the right thing”? No, no one really cared and all that remained was the obvious question, “why’d he do that?”

When such a rule is in place, aren’t those who attempt to enforce it actually guilty of breaking their own rule; of “intentionally manipulating” the outcome of a race?

No matter your personal position, attempting to legislate morality is futile.

2. The first rule of racing is: “If it’s gray it’s legal; if it’s undetectable, it’s legal”.

Team orders fall into the “undetectable” category. No matter how you slice it, it’s impossible to actually PROVE that one “intentionally” lost a race. “Intention” is an intangible, and as such is very difficult if not impossible to prove.

One of my loyal subjects suggested that allowing multi-car teams is the real problem.
This King disagrees with that as well, as again, it would be impossible to prevent independent team owners from making “deals”, and even harder to prove it if they did.

3. “Inconsistent” (as in “we’re going to look for any inconsistencies”) is a relative term, and therefore impossible to define.

When facing a teammate, is there a rule that says your tune-up has to be “consistent”? No, there is not! And if there were, exactly where would the line between “consistent” and “inconsistent” be? And, more importantly, who is the person qualified to draw that line?

And, even if there are no “inconsistencies” in the tune-up, what’s to prevent a driver from (“intentionally”) red lighting, driving out of the groove or being late? And if they did or if they were, can it be proved it was “intentional”? The answers of course, are “Nothing” and “No”.

4. “Fairness is the enemy of justice”

One of the most attractive aspects of drag racing, is the fact that it’s almost completely free of judgment calls. Once those two cars stage, and short of crossing the centerline, what happens between the start and the finish line is entirely up to just three people; the two drivers and the Lord above. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it should be!

At Indy, the truth is there actually was no problem at all; there was just some darn good and very smart racing! The “perceived” problem was only in the minds of those who failed to take full advantage of the enforceable rules, and instead chose to give credence to one that is not; to hang their hopes on a “Pooka”!

The sanctioning body should know that including “Pookas” (un-enforceable rules defined in relative terms) in their rulebook, will only cause confusion, division and needless controversy.

If I were King, team orders would immediately be “de-criminalized”, and there would be no such prohibition in all of Nostalgia Land!

-Blood Did It

The Texas Motorplex has had the honor of having drag racing’s most prolific artist, Kenny Youngblood, create the first of a one of a kind racing t-shirt with the official “Blood Did It” signature. This shirt can be purchased online or at the Texas Motorplex Souvenir Stands at all drag racing events. Do not miss the opportunity to have this one of a kind “Blood Did It” shirt.

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Doug Stanley Quick Lane Tire Center Grand Opening

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Doug Stanley Ford Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center will be hosting their grand opening on Thursday September 24 from 3pm-6pm..  The Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center will service all makes & models and is located at 515 N.  I-35E South, De Soto, Tx. 75115.   Doug Stanley Ford is a major supporter of the Texas Motorplex, and was the local presenter for PINKS All Out last March.

9523_1227700690313_1162926415_30674110_6837077_nSpecial appearances by:  Bob Tasca III, of the Tasca & MotorCraft/QuickLane Racing Team, 1968 428 Cobra Jet Mustang, originally driven & owned by Bob Tasca Jr.  Live KLUV Radio with Kathy Jones of the Jody Dean Morning Show.

Check the back of your ticket to the O’Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals for more contact info for Doug Stanley Quick Lane or call 972-223-8050 or visit


McBride to ride for Karl Klement/Rush Racing at the O’Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals

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Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor Angie McBride will ride Karl Klement’s Buell at the O’Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals presented by Castrol Syntec.

McBride, fiancée of former world champion Matt Smith, has been competing sporadically on the tour this year aboard one of Smith’s bikes and hopes that the Dallas audition might lead to a more full-time role for 2010.

“I’m excited because this may be a stepping-stone to the future,” said McBride. “Hopefully it is.”

Smith built and mounted the engine in the bike that formerly was ridden by Peggy Llewellyn and Angelle Sampey.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but I am going to go to the track and ride Karl’s bike,” she said. “If I keep that focus, I think we will do well. You have to keep focused on the job at hand. It’s about getting the bike down the track. Thank you Karl and Kim Klement and Rush Racing for providing this opportunity.”

Although Klement, who parked his operation for this season due to business demands, still is undecided about 2010, he has been active this year in that he has provided some teams with engines to gauge the competitiveness of his parts.

“By the end of the year and January, I’ll know where I am at,” he said. “For Rush Racing and Doc’s Harley-Davidson, we’re really excited about getting out there again.”

Klement also is excited about having McBride on his team. “All she needs is a little opportunity and seat time,” he said. “She can win. She is very capable of being a winner.”


Super Seats: Get the best seats in the house

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The Super Seats at the Texas Motorplex offer one of the most unique drag racing experiences in the sport.  The Super Seat grandstands have seat backs with a unobstructed view down the track straight to the scoreboards with the afternoon September sun at your back.  Super Seat ticket holders have access to a dedicated Texas Motorplex Concession Stand located under the grandstands.  All Super Seat tickets come with pit passes included and have easy access to the Top Fuel pits and the Manufacturer Midway.  Super Seat packages come in Full Event, September 24-27,  for $225.00 and Weekend, September 26-27, for $190.  Click here to order you Super Seats NOW!

Want to up the ante a bit? Order Champions Club tickets and get the same benefits as the Super Seats you will also recieve meals, preferred parking, souvenir grab bag and access to the exclusive Texas Motorplex Champions Club.  Click here for more info about the Champions Club.


The Texas Motorplex Launches New Website

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The Texas Motorplex would like to announce the launching of their new website. The new site is not only eye catching but is also filled with interesting and important information.

Several of the new things to see include:

  • Live Video-Watch a live stream of the races.
  • Racer Info- Specifically geared for racers, including; track rules, race schedules, payouts and results.
  • Shop Online- Official Texas Motorplex Merchandise and Souvenirs.
  • Polls- Give your opinion on drag racing.

The site allows Motorplex fans to do anything from easily signing up for breaking news, keeping an eye on live timing to interacting with the Motorplex and other racing fans.

Don’t forget to check out all of the exciting news and information about all of our upcoming events, including the 2009 NHRA O’Reilly Fall Nationals.

Beat the wait and order your O’Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals tickets NOW by clicking here or by calling 1-800-Motorplex (800-668-6775).


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