Job Opportunities

Ticket & Gates Job Description:

The Texas Motorplex Tickets & Gates department includes Box Office, Ticket Takers at the Main Spectator gate as well as staff at all of the remote gates around the facility.  Ticket & Gate Staff Members are many times the very first people our guests come in contact with so all Ticket & Gates employees are expected to be able work as part of a team, be able to work with the public, and have good communication and customer service skills.  Ticket & Gates Staff will also need to be able to stand for long hours as well as be able to endure outdoor weather extremes because many of the positions will be outdoors with.

Track Crew Job Description:

Texas Motorplex track crew positions include working on race days in many different areas of the track. These positions include but are not limited to Staging Lanes, Waterbox, Ready Line, Starting Line, ET Booth, Compulink Computer Operator, Announcer, Certified Tech Official, and Fuel Station Sales.

Work days can be long and go beyond the scheduled time frame. It is preferred but not required that individuals interested in joining the track crew have knowledge in drag racing, fire safety, and are in good health.

Security Job Description:

Day Security – main job is to control foot traffic and keep people moving in the right direction and to check for restricted area passes if at front gate check to make sure no food or drinks are being brought in.

Night Security – make sure nothing is coming in or going out of gates. Keep eye on anything suspicious.


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