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Race Fan Checklist

Race Fan Checklist

Race Fan Checklist

  • Parking Pass (Champion’s Club Level)
  • Earplugs
  • Hat
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Cash
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Mask

Don’t worry! If you forget something, most of these items can be purchased at the Texas Motorplex Souvenir Store or the NHRA NitroMall.

 Plan your travel route ahead of time and leave early enough so that you can make the most of your NHRA weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can spectators bring in food, beverage, or coolers?

No. Outside food or drink is not allowed. Visitors can go to their cars during the event if they get a hand stamp to re-enter the facility.

Can video recorders and cameras be brought in?


Do we have ATM machines?

Yes, We have ATMs set up in both the pitside and spectator side food courts, plus one in the Champion’s Club.

Do you charge for parking at the Texas NHRA Fall Nationals?

No. Parking is free during the Texas NHRA Fall Nationals.

Do we have handicapped and disabled parking and are we ADA accessible?

Yes, handicap parking is located in the main spectator parking lot. A person must have a handicap tag or hang down tag to park there. There are signs directing spectators where certain parking areas are located. (Refer to your facility map for locations). We have handicap seating on the spectator and the pit side. Both pit and spectator sides are wheelchair accessible. Also, we have golf carts for ADA assistance. They will transport spectators from the inside main gate to areas specified inside the facility and back. The ADA drivers will be taking a route during the event and will be armed with radios for communication. If a spectator needs handicap transportation simply contact a driver or a Motorplex staffer with a radio to call them and direct them to go to one of the ADA pick up points.

What about oversized vehicles?

Daytime/overnight parking (18-wheelers, etc) will NOT be allowed in the spectator lot.

Can we park our Motorhome in the spectator parking lot?

Yes, motor homes will be parked at the far east of the main lot but will not be allowed to stay overnight. There is a roped off area for motor homes only. No big rigs allowed.

Can racers park their motor homes in the pit area?

Racers will be allowed one pit space. Park accordingly. Pro driver RVs and motorhomes will be parked in a designated area.

Are vendors allowed to park their motor homes in the pit?

No, however, they can stay in the campground at no charge. They need to arrange with Texas Motorplex Food Services to receive a pass for the campground area.

When can racers park in their pit area?

Race teams can start parking in the pit area for the Texas NHRA Fall Nationals on the Wednesday of the event between 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

When can racers tech-in and where?

Racers can tech vehicles starting Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in a designated area inside the facility.

What hours will the campground be open?

Campground gates open for the Texas NHRA Fall Nationals on the Wednesday of the event at Noon and will be open 24 hours a day until the gates close at 5 p.m. on the Monday following the event. Security will be working the gate during the nights.

Are there hook ups in the campground?

No. There are no hookups. Each vehicle must be self-contained to stay in the campground. Water is available for tank refill and there will be holding tank pump trucks going through the campground. Tents are allowed.

Where are press credentials to be picked up?

The NHRA VIP credentials trailer in front of VIP building (Gate 7) on Hwy 287. There will be signs indicating where the VIP entrance is. Photo ID is required to pick up credentials.

Do you rent golf carts?

No. Golf carts are not available to rent at the track. Spectators are not allowed to use wheeled vehicles (i.e. golf carts, mopeds, four wheelers, skateboards, bicycles, etc.) inside the facility. Motorized wheelchairs are OK. Racers or participants must register their vehicles with NHRA to use them inside the pit area and must have the proper sticker.

Do you have a First Aid Station?

Yes, Texas Motorplex sets up a first aid station trailer next to the concession offices on the spectator side, and on the pit side behind the souvenir building.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Yes, located at Texas Motorplex front office.

Do you sell alcohol?

Yes, beer will be sold on spectator and pit sides of the track, and in Champion’s Club. Beer can be taken into any of the north or south grandstands (including the Super Seats) and the Finish Line seats, but may not be carried outside of the licensed premises. Alcohol cannot be taken into the pit area. There are signs and personnel to indicate the area that alcohol may not be carried into.

If parents have a ticket for the suites, can they bring their children without a ticket?

No. Each person in the suite must hold a ticket, regardless of age. Suite tickets must be obtained from the suite owners.

Are there individual daily tickets for the Champions Club or Super Seats?

No. Champions Club and Super Seats are available in Full (4-day) event or weekend (Sat. and Sun.) packages only.

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed. 

What happens if there is rain during the event?

All efforts will be made to complete the events on the scheduled dates. If weather changes this schedule, it will be announced and posted on the Texas Motorplex and NHRA websites. We recommend all spectators get on our e-mail list and hold onto their ticket or ticket stub.